Gear Roll, G-2


Our second generation Gear Roll, the G-2, was designed for those of us who just need more pockets for enhanced organizational abilities!  Carry the gear you want, where you want:  Military, Law Enforcement, EDC, Hunting, Archery, Bush-Craft, Hiking, Camping, Exploring, Medical, Horseback, Mountain Bike, ATV, Survival, Bug Out, Etc....  The G-2 comes with two "docking" straps that allows for mounting to the Mother Canteen Carrier or any other MOLLE compatible platform, taking the "possibilities" pouch to a whole new level...

The G-2 has four pockets: One large; one medium; one tall/small and finally one short/small.  Additionally, there are four "attachment" points that allow you to run the G-2 along the ridge line of your tent or hammock; attach to your belt loops or string around your waist; or rig as an improvised chest rack under "less than ideal" circumstances.  How you configure the G-2 and what you pack inside are limited only to your imagination.  Use the "docking" straps to attach the G-2 to the bottom of your MCC or your rucksack, belt line, plate carrier or simply stuff it into your pack, vehicle, or office cubicle.

Here are some examples of the type/size of items we have shoved into the G-2 so far:  A 10'x10' tarp; Bahco saw; wine box (small); sardine tins; signal mirrors; two 9 hour candles; altoid size survival tin; Jimmy Hoffa; cordage; Cinch Tight trauma dressing; lensatic compass; I.V. bag; tools; fire starting kit; M-4 and pistol magazines; signal flares; sleeve of crackers; tent stakes; UCO candle lantern; 30k emails; salt and pepper shakers; the smaller size Plano tackle boxes for fishing; steak... see where this is going?!  Combine the G-2 with your Mother Canteen Carrier and achieve the "Maximum amount of gear in a Minimalist Platform!"


The G-2 is hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from 500 DN Cordura, MilSpec webbing, velcro and plastics.

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2 Reviews

Ernest Howe Aug 9th 2018

G2-Excellent Design, Craftmanship & Storage Capacity With Rock-Solid Business Ethics

I received my G2 a few weeks back and had been looking forward to using it for an EDC piece of gear. I had watched Mark's video and I was interested in learning just how much I could fill out the G2 pockets and whether it could hold the many items I like to have with me. I take it with me, mostly in the car, everywhere I go.

I was not concerned about the quality of the G2 as I have other CLS peices and quality is readily apparent in all the gear produced by CLS that I have purchased. Excellen design, stitching and materials. I have 3 of the EDCs, 2 belts, a Mother Canteen Carrier, a Scout Bottle Carrier, a couple padded shoulder straps and an Every Day Organizer. All are quality crafted with dependable materials and in my opinion, of unique design.

My G2 holds an unexpected amout of gear, I mean so much so that when rolled and cinched up, I can set this one up on end. The velcro pockets, being of varying sizes, are a great concept in the design and the pocket flaps are very secure when closed. I especially appreciate the quick-removal compression straps, very easy to remove and replace, the only real surprise to the G2 was the amount of can fool you when you see it on the website. The varying sizes of the pockets helps to determine where verying sizes of individual peices of gear cn be stowed.

So, what might I suggest as an enhancement? I think the carry-handle could be reinforced, a little wider or maybe an inserted tubing to create a larger grab point. Mine feels a bit small in hand. Another enhancement might be either a velcro field or a slip pocket with plastic window on the pocket flaps to aid in what is stored in each space. Just a suggestion. I'm an old guy, so remembering what I put where is frequently a question I find myself asking.

Overall, I can highly recommend any Centeline Systems gear. What is great about this company is the commitment to excellence in craft and the willingness to stand behind their work. Any time you can call a company and speak directly to the GIC (Guy in Charge), that's a company you should promote and endorse because the company's commitments to excellence and to it's customers are in keeping with the earliest and strongest values and ehtics of American business.

Thanks Mark, keep designing and producing your gear. It's not a common thing to find a company like yours.

Seong-Chun Yoon Jun 18th 2018

Gear Roll, G-2

I have ordered the G2 gear roll together with the Mother Canteen Carrier. Both are of great quality and well thought through. Adding to my review I have already written about the canteen carrier I have to say that these two bags became my favorite ones. Although not too big I have all the gear with me that I need for my daily use.
So if I want to go for a short one day hike I just grab the "Mother" or if it should be a little be longer hike also the gear roll.
Thank you for this great product!!

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