Gear Roll, G-2


Our second generation Gear Roll, the G-2, was designed for those of us who just need more pockets for enhanced organizational abilities!  Carry the gear you want, where you want:  Military, Law Enforcement, EDC, Hunting, Archery, Bush-Craft, Hiking, Camping, Exploring, Medical, Horseback, Mountain Bike, ATV, Survival, Bug Out, Etc....  The G-2 comes with two "docking" straps that allows for mounting to the Mother Canteen Carrier or any other MOLLE compatible platform, taking the "possibilities" pouch to a whole new level...

The G-2 has four pockets: One large; one medium; one tall/small and finally one short/small.  Additionally, there are four "attachment" points that allow you to run the G-2 along the ridge line of your tent or hammock; attach to your belt loops or string around your waist; or rig as an improvised chest rack under "less than ideal" circumstances.  How you configure the G-2 and what you pack inside are limited only to your imagination.  Use the "docking" straps to attach the G-2 to the bottom of your MCC or your rucksack, belt line, plate carrier or simply stuff it into your pack, vehicle, or office cubicle.

Here are some examples of the type/size of items we have shoved into the G-2 so far:  A 10'x10' tarp; Bahco saw; wine box (small); sardine tins; signal mirrors; two 9 hour candles; altoid size survival tin; Jimmy Hoffa; cordage; Cinch Tight trauma dressing; lensatic compass; I.V. bag; tools; fire starting kit; M-4 and pistol magazines; signal flares; sleeve of crackers; tent stakes; UCO candle lantern; 30k emails; salt and pepper shakers; the smaller size Plano tackle boxes for fishing; steak... see where this is going?!  Combine the G-2 with your Mother Canteen Carrier and achieve the "Maximum amount of gear in a Minimalist Platform!"


The G-2 is hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from 500 DN Cordura, MilSpec webbing, velcro and plastics.


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10 Reviews

Jesse Marlar May 5th 2019


This fits my needs perfectly, I like to carry my 10'c of survival when I'm out hiking, or just messing around in the back country, but always had trouble finding a way to carry my cover (poncho) without a back pack, so i use this to hold my poncho, my ridge line, 4 stakes, some pre made toggles, and a little more extra stuff, and i just hang it from my Mother Canteen Carrier, or I suspend it from my Y-Harness in the back, or I just stuff it in my pack when I bring a pack to the field. It keeps everything organized and easy to find.

Lee D Nov 6th 2018

Same G2, new configuration.

Love this piece of gear. I now own 3. Just received a special order in rescue orange, and I can say that I really am impressed. I didnt think this gear could get any better, but with the new configuration, I feel it makes the G2 that much better. The two smaller pouches are in the middle, larger on the outs. It rolls up a lot better, and I'm really happy. Centerline done did it again!

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