"Mother" Canteen Carrier


The "Mother" Canteen Carrier, or simply MCC, is more than a canteen carrier, it is the maximum amount of gear in a minimalist platform.  The MCC brings Food, Fire, Water and Shelter all together in one multi-purpose, compact, over the shoulder, MOLLE compatible, indoor or outdoor, made in AMERICA, bad ass unit.  An essential item for minimalist survival, EDC, bug out or vehicle bag, bush-craft, military or just to serve as your window to the woods when stuck in the office!

The amount of gear you can carry in the MCC, even more so if combined with the G1 or G2 gear roll, allows you to be better prepared for most situations... and they are not all Jeremiah Johnson or "Alone" types of survival situations.  How often do we hear about the couple that went for a hike in a National Forest and either became lost or injured and then suffered or died before rescue.  Food, Fire, Water and Shelter...  Well, if those adventures don't appeal to you either, then there is always the option of staying at home and playing video games - but you still need Water, lol!

The interior of the MCC fits a wide variety of containers and their associated cups/lids including, but not limited to: Heavy Cover Titanium Canteen, Nalgene bottles/canteen, Vargo, Yeti, Klean Kanteen, Seychelle, Katadyn, NDuR, standard G.I. issue canteen, Gatorade bottles, etc...you get the picture.  The interior also has a slot for a canteen cup lid or small field stove.  The MCC has two side pouches for IFAC, flashlight, knife/survival tool, cordage, food, water purification tablets/straw, etc...  One center pouch for larger items such as shelter, bivy liner, fire starting kit, signals kit, cell phone, small child, etc...  Bottom tie down points for shelter, clothing, tools, etc. MOLLE loops on front for chemlites, cordage, snap links, tie down points, etc...  MOLLE compatible backside for attachment to ruck or can be worn over a belt.  Adjustable shoulder straps with removable side release buckles.


The MCC is hand-crafted in the U.S.A from 500 DN Cordura, MilSpec webbing, velcro, plastics and DOT Fastener Snaps.


* We also offer an XL size shoulder strap if you are 6'2" or taller, weigh 250 lbs or greater and/or are going to use the shoulder strap while wearing multiple layers of clothing.  This option is available at check out, but feel free to contact me directly if you have questions.

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15 Reviews

Eddie Oct 17th 2018

The mother of all carriers!!!

This thing lives up to its name. I could go on and on about the quality of the craftsmanship but if you buy anything from center line systems that is what you get. I have eliminated my rucksack thanks to the mother and my gear roll. I always had the idea that if I had space I would fill it. So I always had too much gear. With the mother at first I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough but it carries everything I need for a week and is very comfortable with the strap wrap. I carry a bottle not a canteen and this holds it and my entire cook set perfectly. The mother is modular and versatile. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting high quality gear. Plus it’s made right here in the USA. Enough said!

William B. Oct 1st 2018

Mother Canteen Carrier

The Mother is a beautiful work of art and is the perfect size for a scout-style walkabout. My Firebox Nano in the X-Case fit perfectly in the little front pouch of the canteen compartment. That leaves three good-sized pockets on the exterior for the rest of the essentials. Should you require more stuff, attach the Folding Saw Pouch, and/or the G-Roll accessories to hold it all as I did.
Finally, I have to say that the caliber of the sewing and workmanship tells you that an American company made this. It is just exquisite!

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