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In the early days of starting the company we were making these "S-CARDS" and selling them at shows.  Well, I found a bag containing some of these guys in the shop while moving some storage containers.  We will offer up this limited stock at a special price and once they are gone they are... gone?  Guess we'll see how they sell and get some feedback from you wonderful people.  If the demand is there then we'll bring them back into the rotation!  I still use the ones I made for my personal use and, honestly, I have no idea why we stopped making them, lol.  That said, I am pretty sure they were the reason I was banned from advertising on a certain social media platform - which is a good story so if you call and ask I'll tell you more... 


Our S-Cards are sized for 12 gauge and can be worn/attached in a variety of manners.  Use the accompanying "security" strap to attach an S-Card to the butt stock of any platform (collapsible stocks are... collapsible, so use common sense) or run your shoulder sling or belt through the belt channels.  Each piece of the webbing we use to create the "belt channels" is backed with "HOOK" velcro so it can be attached to any surface adorned with a "LOOP" fastener (we only use Velcro brand Hook and Loop and recommend you do the same).  I think the pics do a pretty good job of illustrating how to use the S-Cards, but feel free to give me a call or an email if you have questions.


*  See our video links near the bottom of this page for more info on the S-CARD plus additional ideas on how you can use yours.


**  All of our materials have been specifically chosen for longevity, durability and extreme quality. Additionally, I apply a rule of three: It must be either Mil-Spec, Made in the USA or Berry Compliant. As such, we use genuine Cordura brand 500dn nylon; Velcro brand hook and loop; ITW Nexus plastics, DOT Fasteners and Mil-Spec webbing, binding tape and threads. All of these materials are designed to resist abrasion, wear and rot in order to provide a lifetime of service. Hand-Crafted, High-Quality, Heirloom gear as unique as your fingerprint. Period.

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