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Our "Pre-Made" Gear Strap Kit consists of:  2 each 24" "Docking straps" with fast tec buckles; 2 ea 24" "Cargo" straps with ladder locs; 2 ea 7" "Jump" straps with a male and a female end; 2 sets extra/loose fast tec buckles (2 male buckles, 2 female buckles) and two 14" pieces of "shock cord" with cord locks.

The "DIY" Gear Strap Kit consists of 4 yds (144") of 1" nylon webbing, uncut (this is the same Mil-Spec 17337 webbing I use on most of my products);  6 sets of fast tec buckles (6 male buckles, 6 female buckles), 12 tri-glides and two 14" pieces of "shock cord" with cord locks.  This kit gives you plenty of webbing and buckle options so you can build your own straps to the exact size and male or female connection you want!  NO SEWING REQUIRED!  Use the Tri-Glides to secure the free ends of the webbing.


Our Gear Strap Kits are hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from MilSpec webbing and plastics.


*I recommend using a heat knife when cutting your own webbing.  In the absence of a heat knife, use a lighter or other heat source to "cauterize" the cut/frayed end of the webbing to help prevent future fraying.  Just like 550 Paracord, the ends will be hot and can stick to your skin.  So, use some combat patience and let it cool down or press it against a hard surface other than your skin...  I'm not responsible if you cannot figure this out, lol!

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5 Reviews

Michael Aug 5th 2019

Strap Kit - DIY - coyote

Outstanding quality. The kit adds a great deal of versatility for a variety of applications. Customer service is beyond excellent. Will definitely be buying more gear from Center Line.

Jesse Marlar May 5th 2019

Excellent Quality

These straps are really excellent quality, I bought them for my bed roll system which consists of a Queen Size 100% Wool Blanket, and a Twin Size Wool Blanket, and some trash bags as a ground sheet. But I also use these straps for other things like attaching gear to my Y-Harness, or attaching my G-2 roll to my Mother Canteen Carrier. For the money, you might as well get these to add to your kit.

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