The Concealment Wallet for Black Scout Survival

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* Sold EXCLUSIVELY at Black Scout Survival *

If EDC is your game, then check out the "Concealment Wallet" made exclusively for Black Scout Survival.  An ideal way to carry critical items while jogging, hiking, travel, etc...  Click on the link below to read his write up, check out more pictures, videos and how to purchase.


Here is a brief write up from his website, but what are you waiting for, click the link for more info and pictures!



This wallet has been engineered to support modularity of transport as well as ensuring critical tools/belongings are securely stored. 

-It has two slot pockets that can hold I.D.'s, Credit/Debit Cards, SD Cards, Hotel room keys, etc.

-Utilizes the Ulticlip system that allows the BSSCW attach to inner waistbands, socks, underclothing, PALs webbing, or pretty much anywhere you'd like (DO NOT CLIP TO THICK ITEMS LIKE BELTS AS IT WILL DAMAGE THE CLIP). It can also be used as a front pocket wallet to carry cash in a money clip configuration.

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