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Our Streamlined "S" Kit (SSK) is another example of listening to, and interacting with, customers to create a product that we believe fills a niche/need in the outdoor market.  This project started when a customer named Steve B. reached out and asked if I could make him a custom Signal Kit.  Based on Steve's passion for the project and personal ideas regarding the concept, we decided to collaborate on the project and after some back and forth the "SSK" was created.  The intent of the design behind the SSK was to create a "streamlined" kit pouch that could help organize and secure essential items across a broad spectrum of activities.  Some examples of what the second "S" in "SSK" can stand for are, well, insert any word that starts with the letter S such as:  Signal, Survival, Shelter, Self-Medication, Sundries, Sanitation, Small Arms, Sharpening, Security, Surreptitious Entry, Saturday Night, Small tools, etc...


As with all of our products, the SSK combines versatility and craftsmanship to provide numerous carrying configurations and the secure storage for those essential items..  Our unique mounting system allows you to decide how the SSK is worn/carried - vertical, via two MOLLE straps or with a shoulder strap (sold separately).  The SSK can be worn vertically on any 1.5" or 1.75" belt such as our EDC Belt, SHERPA Belt, slip over the waist pad/strap of a ruck sack or hang from a ridge line inside your tent.  There are two MOLLE straps on the rear of the SSK for attachment to any MOLLE compatible surface such as a ruck sack, plate carrier, etc...  Additional examples include securing the SSK to a canoe/kayak seat, the headrest in your vehicle, the back of the Mother Canteen Carrier (MCC) or simply throw it in the glove box or your every day bag.


Dimensions and carrying capacities/ideas:  When closed, the SSK comes in roughly at 5" x 9" and consists of the main compartment with four rows of 1" elastic webbing, two closure "wings" each with an internal pocket, a top closure flap with a "slip" pocket and a bottom closure flap with an internal pocket.  Of the two "wing" pockets, one is located in the upper left and one in the lower right.  These pockets are roughly 3" x 3" and designed to accommodate items such as survival matches, fat wood, lighters, micro whistles, cigar cutter, Jimmy, micro survival tool, batteries, band aids, etc...  The "Slip" pocket located on the inside of the top closure flap is roughly 4" x 4" and meant for small notebooks, 3" x 5" cards, survival cards, folded map sheets, pens/sharpies, etc...  The bottom closure flap pocket is approximately 4" x 4" and designed to hold multiple items generally sized 3" x 4" such as signal mirrors, survival cards, credit cards, fat wood, thumb drives, etc...  Finally, the main compartment is about 4" x 7" has four straps of elastic webbing and holds a wide variety of items such as chemlites, survival tins, signal flares, power banks, tent stakes, flashlights, spice/food storage tubes, cigar holder, signal panel / VS-17 panel material, rope and cordage, medical supplies such as tourniquets and pressure dressings, etc...


The SSK is hand-crafted, custom built and proudly made in the U.S.A. from 500 DN Cordura, MilSpec webbing/plastics and DOT fasteners!


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2 Reviews

Peter Jul 2nd 2020

Amazingly useful

I have many Centerline Systems products since I can rely on not only the quality but the usefulness. I purchased 4 of these - one for each of my backpacks. They're able to be packed with far more items than you think. Superbly made, highly versatile, homegrown and reasonably priced. Get two!!

Lee Apr 14th 2020

SSK: one pouch kit to rule them all

SSK is an awesome piece of gear. I have one holding my daily medical equipment and medicine. Has been used every day, and is extremely easy to get to. It really attached to the mother, my head rest in the vehicle. Its great.. I also have another set up with E&E, lockpicking and fire kit gear. So much space in a small package. You'll get one and want two, or more.

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