Customize your gear!


**  We are in the process or updating this page with more illustrations, pics, ideas, etc...  In the meantime, please see the old write up for info, but don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.  **


As a custom, built to order shop we want to provide you with the ability to pick and choose the Cordura and webbing options to create the color scheme that suits you best.  I made this reference page in case you had questions or just wanted to see larger color images of the Cordura and webbing that we use to make our gear.

Just like you see on each product page, the layout below lists the color/pattern of Cordura first, then your webbing options second.  If you have questions or requests regarding thread or plastics options then just give me a call to discuss.




coyote-brown.jpg     Coyote Brown


ranger-green.jpg    Ranger Green 


raven-black.jpg  Raven Black


wolf-grey.jpg   Wolf Grey                                                                                                            


    Barn Red   


multi-cam.jpg     Multi-Cam *


multi-cam-black.jpg     Multi-Cam Black * 


 multi-cam-tropic.jpg     Multi-Cam Tropic





coyote-brown-webbing.jpg  Coyote Brown

ranger-green-webbing.jpg  Ranger Green

black-webbing.jpg  Black               


multi-cam-webbing.jpg  Multi-Cam *

multi-cam-black-webbing.jpg  Multi-Cam Black *         


Mutli-Cam Tropic


*  Binding Tape and Threads... Consider requesting different colors of Binding Tape or Threads to create a product as unique as your own personality.  We currently offer Binding Tape in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Red and Yellow.  You can also choose from Black, Ranger Green, Coyote Brown or Red thread options.  Contact me directly for details or questions.


** Printed Cordura and webbing has an additional cost so please see the actual product page for details.


***  As with all things, nothing is set in stone and the squeaky wheel gets the grease, or whatever... Any rate, if you want to create a special combo with different color binding tapes, threads or plastics just give me a call to discuss what you would like.  I may say no returns on a weird color combo, but if that is what you want then that is what we will make!