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The Every Day Carry (EDC) Belt is designed to be casual and practical for everyday use, yet more than capable of meeting the challenges of Law Enforcement/Tactical, CCW or rugged outdoor uses.  We created a belt flexible and comfortable enough to be worn with your blue jeans or Carharts, yet rigid enough to run the gear associated with military and law enforcement operations.  Our belts go on like every other normal belt you have worn in your life.  Run the belt tip through your pant loops and then run the tip through the Cobra Buckle - the rest of the day you just open/close the buckle for ease of access!  Plus, we special order stretch size 1.5 inch COBRA buckles by AUSTRIALPIN so you have a functional belt, not webbing overlapping webbing with smaller webbing used to secure a tiny buckle as you find with many of the tactical or riggers belts on the market today.

Our sizing chart is based on your pants size, so no need to break out a tape measure!  Each of our belt sizes accommodates four waist sizes and I recommend you shoot for a belt that would place your waist size in the middle of that size belt.  For example, if you are a 40" then the NQ3 is likely best for you.  That said, please feel free to call me directly if you have any questions:

Small fits 28" - 32"

NQ1 fits 30" - 34"

Medium fits 32" - 36"

NQ2 fits 34" - 38"

Large fits 36" - 40"

NQ3 fits 38" - 42"

XL fits 40" - 44"

XXL fits 44" - 48" (add $2.00)

XXXL fits 48" - 52" (add $3.00)


Our belts are hand-crafted in the U.S.A. and constructed from 1.5 inch Mil-W-55301 and 05-0575 webbing with size 69 bonded thread.


* Also check out our Universal Belt Keepers and our Belt Loop version Key-DC for additional ways to carry extra gear from your waistline!

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9 Reviews

Benjamin Aug 8th 2020

Excellent quality and service

Easily the best belt I own. One of my favorite things about it is that you can get the perfect fit no matter what. Cant beat handmade American products. Not to mention their customer service is amazing. It did take a few weeks to come in, but its well worth the wait. Not to mention they emailed me to let me know what was up after about 2 weeks. These belts are all custom made to order, and the quality reflects that. I'd buy it again without a second thought.

Ralph May 14th 2020

Best Belt Ever!

This belt is by far the best belt I have ever used. The COBRA buckles are great, as you know if you ever used one, but the belt itself has the perfect balance of rigidity and softness. Definitely ridged enough to mount a knife, flashlight or IWB holster, but its really comfortable and does not feel like you have a shooting belt on. And the Black Multi-cam is awesome... It goes with everything. Love these belts... I have 2 want a 3rd... I've lost some weight so I'm going to take advantage of the "life Happens" policy and I'm thrilled that is an option. I'll be a customer for life.

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