"Life Happens" Belt Policy

Our New "Life Happens" EDC Belt Policy

You gain or lose weight; velcro isn't as "sticky" after being used for a couple of years; your new job requires a different color work belt... yup, we get it, "Life Happens."  As a result we offer a "Life Happens" policy for all of our EDC belt customers:  Over the life of your EDC Belt purchase, should you need a new size or color belt, simply return your original belt and we'll make you a new one for $45 plus $12.50 for shipping.


There is one and only rule to follow - You have to return/send me the whole belt. 

I don't care if someone "gifted" you the belt, you found it for sale somewhere online or you took it off a frozen guy during an epic Jeremiah Johnson type adventure, etc... None of that matters to me as long as it is a complete EDC belt that we made.  However, it has to be the complete belt, period, no exceptions.  I will not accept just the Cobra Buckle as that isn't really proof that you had one of my belts now, is it?


How to take advantage: 

You can see a similar write up on our EDC Belt product page, but here it is again in a nutshell.  Send me an FYI email that you are sending me the belt and include any details or questions you would like.  This email is where/how I will send you the invoice, more to come on that in a moment.  Then, simply send me your belt along with your shipping info plus the size/color of your new belt.  Once I receive your belt I'll email you a PayPal invoice, which you can pay via credit card, debit card or PP account, for $45 plus $12.50 shipping.  I'll then add your requested belt to the work order process and get it done.  Once we've completed sewing I'll print your shipping label which triggers an automated "here is your tracking info" type of email letting you know your new belt is completed and on its way to you!


As always, reach out anytime with questions or comments and I'll do my best to help out.