The Concealment Belt for Black Scout Survival

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* Sold EXCLUSIVELY at Black Scout Survival *

If EDC is your game, then check out the "Concealment Belt" made exclusively for Black Scout Survival.  This was, and Jack can correct me if I am wrong, our first collaboration and is based on our real world experiences and what we wanted out of our gear.  Click on the link below to read his write up, check out more pictures and videos and to purchase.


Here is a brief write up from his website, but what are you waiting for, click the link for more info and pictures!



The ultimate tool in Self-Preservation. Designed for professionals operating in dangerous environments as well as for citizens living the prepared lifestyle. A belt that can perform for those working in LEO/Military, Personal Protection, or Concealed Carry Citizens. Developed specifically to accommodate our escape tools such as cuff keys, shims, ceramic razor blades, etc.  If you're not that high-speed you can toss an extra house key and some emergency cash for those unexpected problems.


We went a step further and added two hidden pockets that have a feature not seen anywhere else on the market. Our hidden pockets have Deployment Tabs™ that will "deploy" the contents into your hand. Most belts with hidden pockets require the belt to be taken off to access contents; the Black Scout CB deployment pull tabs put critical items into your hand when bound with restraints. The belt contains one front pocket and one rear pocket - giving you the ability to access escape tools whether your hands are bound in front of you or behind your back...

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