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The Gen 2 Mother Canteen Carrier, a.k.a. the Ma Deuce or just simply the M2 was developed at the request of those who loved the MOTHER canteen carrier, but wanted something with more capacity.  As they say, better to have and not need than need and not have.


The main compartment on the M2 can hold a wide variety of canteen systems such as: standard US G.I. / Heavy Cover canteen, the British military Crusader or the newer, more rectangular Titanium Canteen Cook set now available from a number of companies such as Black Scout Survival.  In addition to the ability to hold larger mess kits, the main compartment is large enough to hold extra items such as food, supplemental cooking accessories, or other appropriately sized items.  This pocket is lined with a rugged, rubberized coating for increased durability and ease of cleaning.  An internal slot pocket is sized to hold a Purcell Trench 8”X5” grill and the increased size of the external pockets allow you to carry items such as a 5’X7” tarp, water purification systems and much more.  Like the MOTHER, the M2 can be carried with the supplied shoulder strap or attached to other gear using the integrated MOLLE straps.

NOTE - If you are 6'2" or taller, weigh 250 lbs or greater and/or are going to use the shoulder strap while wearing multiple layers of clothing, we also offer an "XL" size Shoulder Strap.  This option is available at check out, but feel free to contact me directly if you have questions.


*  See our video links near the bottom of this page for more info on the GCC plus additional ideas on how you can use yours.


**  Please see the Home Page, the Shipping Tab, and the "Terms of Service" for info on lead times, shipping, etc...


***  Please see the "Custom Options" tab for additional images of colors, patterns and webbing.


****  All of our materials have been specifically chosen for longevity, durability and extreme quality. Additionally, I apply a rule of three: It must be either Mil-Spec, Made in the USA or Berry Compliant. As such, we use genuine Cordura Brand 500dn nylon; Velcro brand hook and loop; ITW Nexus plastics, DOT Fasteners and Mil-Spec webbing, binding tape and threads. All of these materials are designed to resist abrasion, wear and rot in order to provide a lifetime of service. Hand-Crafted, High-Quality, Heirloom gear as unique as your fingerprint. Period.

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    It's fantastic!

    Posted by Michael Johnson on Sep 23rd 2023

    This bag is excellent. The fit and finish is great. No loose threads, no twisted seams and no crooked cuts. I got a call before production started and there was no problem making last minute alterations. I wish more companies could be like this.

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    Posted by Just a dude on Jun 27th 2023

    Get this, it's built like a tank and the quality is exceptional. Suggest watching some of the videos for ideas on all the things you can squirrel away in the Gen2 MCC depending on your needs\usage. This is my 2nd order with CLS (also own folding Big Boy pouches) as their stuff is heirloom quality imo and such good people behind it all.

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    Gen 2 MCC

    Posted by Herb Jennings on Jun 6th 2023

    With the space, I have enough gear to stay in the woods for up to a week or more in an emergency. Plenty of storage for medical, water, saw, with shelter strapped on the bottom. Food goes in the front pouch for me. The quality of the material is exceptional and workmanship of this quality is rarely found these days. Great American product made by a great American small business! Couldn't be happier with the product or the service.

  • 5

    Posted by Lindsay Grady on Apr 10th 2023

    I watched a ton of YouTube videos on this before purchasing so I already knew it was going to be great, but when I actually held it in my hands then it really stood out. Quality is impressive! It is such a well thought out design that will outlast me and I don’t think I like anyone enough to leave this to, so I will probably be buried with it…I love finding people like Mark who pour their heart and soul into their products….and trust me it shows in every stitch. A great company to support with a great guy at the helm and one hell of a piece of gear….it’s a win-win all the way. If you’re thinking about ordering one… it, I can guarantee you won’t regret it. Definitely worth the wait!!

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    My G.C.C.

    Posted by Matt Edler on Feb 18th 2023

    I've had my Woodland G.C.C. for 2 years now. It's been to Red Canyon in Southern Utah and to Duchesne in Eastern Utah. Its my goto canteen cook kit, and it goes with me everywhere and has saved my butt more than once! It's handmade to the way I wanted it. I can fit quite few things into this awesome pouch. It's made by a veteran owned business and I appreciate that there people around like Mark and his awesome team. Thank you for making such a great product Mark...

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Riddell on Oct 31st 2022

    What a fantastic piece of equipment. Exemplary in every respect, from the design to build quality and customer interactions. I really can't say enough good things about the GCC and CLS. Now the fun bit starts deciding what to carry in it. This is not the cheapest canteen carrier on the market but easily the best. I like to think of it at reassuringly expensive. A huge thumbs up to Mark on a job well done. One extremely satisfied customer this side of the Atlantic.

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    Best, made even better!

    Posted by SFC Just Link Jones on Jul 9th 2022

    I cannot say enough good things about the consistently awesome professional build quality of these carriers, after using the original Mother's system, I absolutely needed to get an updated model. I fit my hammock, rain fly, SERE kit, cooking kit, signal flags, emergency blankets, & bright chem lights with room to spare. Really knocked this design out of the park Team Centerline!

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    Posted by Mohd Faiz on Jun 27th 2022

    How I use my GCC : Main compartment - Naturehike Titanium Canteen. Snacks and coffee under the canteen. Back pocket - Canteen lid, Firebox Nano and GSI Java Drip. Front pocket - 9 x 7 silnylon tarp and ridgeline. Left pocket - Helikon Tex water bag, titanium spork, Sawyer deet and Nitecore NU32. Right Pocket - Victorinox Rangergrip, mini first aid kit, Suunto button compass, Sharpal 6 in 1 Knife Sharpener, Fresnel Card Lense and some Gorilla tapes. Loops - 4pcs Titanium stakes and Hydroblu sidekick.

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    Ultimate Canteen Carrier

    Posted by Bull350 on Jun 9th 2022

    Perfect for those "grab and go" trips to scout, hunt or whatever. Will hold the entire Pathfinder Ti Canteen Kit, which is why I got it plus a Firebox Nano, Alcohol stove, Opinel 12, cordage, firestarter, food and more. Nice to have a ready to go kit to take of with or put in a larger pack/kit as a "set". The thought that went into the design, the rubberized coating on the inside, buckles, straps, stitching are all immaculate. The customer service is fantastic as well. Couldn't be happier with it!

  • 5

    Posted by Joel Pearon on Jun 2nd 2022

    I am a huge fan of bottle kits for grab and go activities and things where having a light weight option with just the basics is the ideal choice. The GCC fits wonderfully into this role and splits the difference between carrying a truly Spartan set up, 5 C’s sort of kit and having a fully outfitted kit in a haversack or small day pack. I’m impressed by the variety of kit configurations I’ve been able to carry and, I do this the most, as an involved coffee kit bag the GCC is top tier. If you’re into the whole bottle kit thing this canteen carrier is worth a look.

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    Posted by Graham Strowes on Dec 8th 2021

    I recently picked up the Pathfinder Ti canteen set. It's a very nice set, but the cover that comes with it leaves a lot to be desired. So, I started to look about for a decent quality replacement. I'd heard good things about the MCC, but it was a little snug for the Ti canteen. When I discovered that there was a bigger version of the MCC designed with larger canteens in mind, it was an easy decision to make. The only problem (to me) was that it didn't come in the colour that I wanted. One quick email later, and it was confirmed that I could have the cover in the colour I wanted (Wolf Grey, if anyone is interested) Fast-forward a few weeks, and after a few emails back and forth to update progress, My pouch turned up in the mail. It is fantastic. The quality is out of this world. Easily on par with Kifaru or Mystery Ranch No loose threads, everything is finished to a high standard, and fit and finish is clean and all the component parts are secure and even. The various pouches, sleeves and compartments are well sized and will fit plenty of gear. I can, for example, fit a firebox nano stove into the front pouch, along with a firelighting kit and tinder pouch. A brew kit and a couple of pouches of food will comfortably go into the main pouch with the canteen. I'm all set up for lunch in the woods with that setup on its own. The elephant in the room is the price. It's expensive. But, how many pouches are you going to buy before you settle on the best one (Spoiler, it's this one)? Don't waste your cash on searching for the perfect canteen cover, get this one. You'll save money in the long run, and you won't regret it. Buy once, cry once, as they say. To sum up. It's a great pouch, the build quality is second to none, and the customer service is beyond compare. If Mark doesn't have the colour you want, reach out. I'm fairly sure that if it exists, you can have it.

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    GCC is absolutely perfect

    Posted by Robert P on Jul 11th 2021

    To say that this Grandaddy of Canteen Carriers (GCC) is the perfect sidekick is an understatement. I carry all the things I need for time in the woods in this including a stove to cook on. I’ve got two Maxpedition Can pouches underneath the canteen which contain a headlamp and extra batteries and and an alcohol stove in the other and in all the other pockets I have things for shelter, fire, food procurement, the container, water filtration, the list goes on and on, you can easily carry your daily EDC in this with you or head out for a day of enjoying time on the river and keep your gear minimalistic. This GCC is the perfect companion for me. Thanks Mark and the whole crew, you guys are the absolute best!

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