Folding Saw Pouch (FSP)


Our Folding Saw Pouch (FSP) combines versatility and craftsmanship to provide numerous carrying configurations and secure storage for that essential piece of outdoor equipment - the folding saw.  Our unique mounting system allows you to decide how the FSP is worn/carried - vertical, horizontal or MOLLE.  Additionally you can run the handle of your camp ax through the "Scout/Horizontal" carry sleeve and now the two most important firewood processing tools are secured together!

With our mounting system you can wear the FSP vertically on any 1.5" or 1.75" belt such as our EDC or the SHERPA belts.  The FSP can also be worn in a horizontal "Scout Carry" style on a belt or slip over an object such as our Padded Strap Wrap, a shoulder strap, etc...  Finally, the MOLLE strap allows you to easily mount the FSP to any MOLLE compatible surface or slip over the waist pad/strap of a ruck sack or easily secure around a tree branch, ridge line or similar object.  

The FSP securely accommodates the Bahco Laplander, Silky Gomboy, Silky Pro F180 and other saws or items up to 11" L x 3" W x 2" D.  Though designed to carry a folding saw, the FSP also fits other items such as signal flares, a UCO Stormproof matches canister and 9 hour candle, chemlites, medium size flashlights, tools such as channel locks and screwdrivers, cigars, etc...  



The FSP is hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from 500 DN Cordura, MilSpec webbing/plastics and DOT fasteners!  Additionally, the interior of the FSP consists of a rugged rubberized material so as to help prevent punctures and abrasion, thereby protecting your purchase from premature wear and tear.


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14 Reviews

Ed brancamp Mar 5th 2020

Pouch fsp

This fsp can be used for multiple things, it fits well with 6-10” tent stakes, cooking forks and spoons, I personally like it because it fits my silky 240 folding saw. Which has almost a 10” blade. What is stated about this pouch is very true. It is one well made, tough pouch. And it is very well adaptable for all conditions; back pack, waist pouch, over the shoulder pouch, and it also fits well With my 9” hatchet too. Thanks again for a great American product

Peter Pavlovic Dec 2nd 2019


My Silky Gomboy doesn't come with a case and the optional plastic/rubber one just doesn't cut it. Enter this pouch and my wish had been granted. Perfect size, superb quality and the MOLLE let's me attach it to my pack when traveling and then attach to my belt when I get there. You pay for quality and this is the highest quality. Get one - I highly recommend it.

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