The SHERPA Belt is designed to be worn outside of your clothing as a means to carry items during outdoor activities and inclement weather.  Slip items over the belt or use the single row of MOLLE style webbing loops that run the length of the belt as attachment points for items such as: our Y-Harness, pouches, knives, d-rings, tie-downs, or a wide variety of items you want to wear along your waistline for ease of access and security.  Move your gear around until you find the location most comfortable for you, then attach to the SHERPA via MOLLE, zip-ties or 550 cord and from thereafter you just open/close the buckle for ease of access!  Additionally, we special order stretch size 1.75 inch COBRA buckles by AUSTRIALPIN with over-sized "release" tabs so you have a functional belt that you can easily manipulate in cold weather or anytime while wearing gloves.

Furthermore, we've made the belt tip longer so you can easily adjust/increase the size of the belt when worn over multiple, and I mean multiple, layers of clothing.  Once set, tie the extra length of belt tip off, run it behind your gear or simply secure it in place with the elastic retention band.  

Just like our EDC Belts, the sizing chart for the SHERPA is based on your pant size, so don't over think this... I did that for you, lol!  The belt is meant to be worn over your clothing and I've already factored the additional lengths into the design. 

I recommend you pick the size that would place your pant waist size in the middle of that size belt.  For example, if you wear a 40" waist pant, then the NQ3 is likely the best size belt for you.  However, if you are thinking of wearing the SHERPA as a standard belt with blue jeans, carharts, etc... then I recommend you order one size down (because they are designed to be worn at a larger size than your actual pants size... outside your clothing, get it?)  At the end of the day, if you have any questions just give me a call and we'll figure it out together.


Small fits 28" - 32"

NQ1 fits 30" - 34"

Medium fits 32" - 36"

NQ2 fits 34" - 38"

Large fits 36" - 40"

NQ3 fits 38" - 42"

XL fits 40" - 44"

XXL fits 44" - 48" (add $2.00)

XXXL fits 48" - 52" (add $3.00)


Our belts are hand-crafted in the U.S.A. and constructed from 1.75 inch Mil-W-27265 Type 13 and 05-0575 webbing with size 69 bonded thread.  The belt buckle is a 1.75" stretch Cobra buckle with over sized release tabs that we special order from the great folks at AustriAlpin.

As an additional custom option, we work with our friends and certified Cerakote applicators at F.O.G. Firearms to provide limited runs of Cobra Buckles in special Cerakote colors.

* Also check out our Y-Harness and the Padded Strap Wrap for additional ways to distribute weight and comfortably carry extra gear from your waistline!

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5 Reviews

Jesse Marlar May 5th 2019

Wish I had this a long time ago!

Last winter I was using a cheap leather belt I bought from Walmart, well no more! I love this belt. I love that I can wear it in the winter, as well as the summer months. I purchased this belt with the Y-Harness for attaching my mother canteen carrier and my G-2 roll, and it works perfectly. I plan on using this belt for holding my fire/tinder kit, and a few other items that I always take with me to the field. *I bought a size down from what I am, I'm currently a 44" waist, but purchased a 40-42, because I want to be able to cinch this thing down, but I still have like 8-10 inches of room to expand for when I put on multiple layers, which I tried in my home, and it works great! I cant wait to take this to the field this summer, and again this winter.

Ian Carey Mar 6th 2019

The SHERPA Belt with Yoke is a Sherpa for sure!

The few things I noticed so far was the belt snaps hooked up perfect, and the 'NQ1' sized belt has an odd number of molle channels which makes it more perfect for a three point suspension(even load bearing with the rear strap centered).

The tension on the molle channels are very forgiving when the belt is flat, which was awesome for setup and placement; and when it's on, nothing moves from belt to pouch. That sets this belt out from others, because I think this belt is something that changes with the individual who wears it, and having a forgiving molle channel, made it super easy to change out pouches and move stuff around, as well as allowing the yoke straps to fit through an already occupied molle slot (doubling the use of one slot!)

It's 'not' a gun belt, but would be just as good if not better than other war fighter specific belts.

Sizing felt big, but the adjustment was enough to get snug next to skin, it's an over belt sizing for sure, as a 33-34" waist the NQ1 was a perfect fit with ample adjustment over layers, making it excellent for cold weather. I do think that this used as an outer web belt should fit slightly loose. It's super comfy and I can wear it over, or under layers!!!

I thought about wanting molle or laser-cuts in the yoke, then thought about the slick thin feel, and keeping it slim to be comfortable under pack straps, pfd's, smock/overcoats. 'kiss' principal. If a customer wants more, they already stock the shoulder strap pads.

I have it setup in a scout setup right now with a 12 pound loadout, with water and the 10 C's of survivability. Sustainability on the belt. It doesn't get much better than that!

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