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A quart of water weighs approximately 2 lbs... doesn't seem like much until you start adding all kinds of additional gear.  While designed as “minimalist” carry systems, when fully loaded with water, containers and other gear, the MCC and GCC can start to get heavy.  The Padded Strap Wrap (PSW) works in conjunction with the shoulder strap provided with the MCC, GCC and SCOUT by wrapping around those straps, thereby increasing surface area while providing generous padding.  The design of the PSW creates an inner pocket that can store a variety of small items such as cordage, compact fire kits or whatever your imagination can come up with.  The PSW measures 21” in length and will accommodate straps up to 1.5” wide.



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****  All of our materials have been specifically chosen for longevity, durability and extreme quality. Additionally, I apply a rule of three: It must be either Mil-Spec, Made in the USA or Berry Compliant. As such, we use genuine Cordura Brand 500dn nylon; Velcro brand hook and loop; ITW Nexus plastics, DOT Fasteners and Mil-Spec webbing, binding tape and threads. All of these materials are designed to resist abrasion, wear and rot in order to provide a lifetime of service. Hand-Crafted, High-Quality, Heirloom gear as unique as your fingerprint. Period.

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    Appreciated comfort with gear expandability.

    Posted by Meesh on Apr 17th 2023

    This was a no brainer for me to compliment my Ma Deuce/GCC. While the included strap for The Ma Deuce/GCC does it’s job with class and ease, adding the Padded Strap Wrap expands the ability of whatever strap you’re adding it to. Inside, I added 50’ of Dyneema cordage, a Suunto wrist compass (tucked underneath because I don’t like stuff dangling off of my bags), & 2 S2S 5 L Silnylon dry bags folded up inside. This opened up my Ma Deuce/GCC for some additional gear while making it more comfortable to carry for longer hikes. I’ve since purchased another PSW and a longer strap so I can transform my Ma Deuce/GCC from a sling to a comfy backpack for when I increase speed on my hikes and desire less movement from the sling configuration. As Mark says; “You do you”. Get it. Don’t get it, do it the hard way & wonder how much more comfortable your shoulder will be if you had a Padded Strap Wrap. ;)

  • 5

    Posted by Raphael Hannotier on Sep 28th 2022

    Perfect quality! Really relieves the shoulder while walking.

  • 5

    Posted by Dana S on Sep 23rd 2022

    This strap allows for so much additional carry options. I have made connectors on other items that I typically carry so that I can use this strap on them. I have a basic survival kit in the strap and it is not noticeable to the general person but it allows me to have some minor gear with me always. AS with the other gear that I have purchased it is very durable, wears great and is very functional.

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    Padded Strap Wrap

    Posted by William Burr on Jan 12th 2021

    I have one of these on my MCC and enjoyed it so much, I bought a second one for my Scout Bottle Carrier. A while ago I asked my grandson to strap on my "Mother". As he lifted it to his shoulder, I said, "Light, isn't it?" He replied jokingly, " . . . all evidence to the contrary" I responded, "Yeah, water's heavy!" If you have your gear loaded down as I do, you'd be well-advised to at least consider the Padded Strap Wrap. On my Scout Bottle Carrier, I added about 10 feet of my favorite Vietnam era paracord in an S-roll. Hoo-rah!

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    Strap wrap

    Posted by Dave Toth on Oct 14th 2020

    I started out buying my first one of these for my Mother canteen carrier -- another great product available at Centerline. And after having the strap wrap only a short time, I realized I needed two more for the Y Harness ALSO a great product by Centerline. Ironically, I think I want at least one more to place on a gun sling. As you can see, it's easy to underestimate a simple thing like a padded strap wrap. But after seeing the quality and versatility of this product, there are a large number of applications where these wraps are a great addition for all outdoor activities.

  • 4
    Awesome padded strap wrap

    Posted by Scott R Engh on Jun 12th 2020

    The padded strap wrap helps make carry more comfortable. So does just staying lightweight. I am very good at assembly, fitting things back into stuff sacks and such. Mark is way better than me. I can barely get the normal strap into the padded one so that all the velcro is not showing much or at all. I tried putting 25 feet of better paracord in and it looked sloppy and combo was too stiff. Sure, there's plenty of velcro to keep it together. 550 pulled out awesome, but putting it back after each use, too much hassle for this cowboy. Still recommend.

  • 5
    Padded strap wrap

    Posted by Rob on Jan 7th 2020

    An ingenious piece of equipment, one takes up no extra space but makes things more useful

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    Padded strap wrap

    Posted by Matt Harper on Dec 26th 2019

    Don’t pass this up!! I’ve used the MCC without the padded strap wrap and it is awesome. It rides really nice on your shoulder, recently I loaded my mcc with quite a bit of gear and was definitely heavier. I figured it would be a great time to try the padded strap wrap. I was amazed that a few times I forgot I was wearing it. Mark nailed it as usual color scheme matched perfectly and he has some great tips and tricks for putting stuff inside the strap. Don’t cheat yourself get a sweet piece of gear from Mark at centerline systems. Thanks,Matt

  • 5
    Shoulder strap

    Posted by Jonathan Eldridge on Oct 24th 2019

    Ordered this along with my Scout Absolutely love it. Best gear

  • 5
    Very comfy!

    Posted by Jesse Marlar on May 5th 2019

    Great quality of product, very comfortable. I love that its reversible, and the pads are super comfy. I bought 2 of these for my Y-Harness, but when I'm not using that, I use one of the pads for my bed roll straps.

  • 5
    Padded strap

    Posted by Brandl Stephenson on Mar 24th 2019

    This is a great addition to your cover. I've added about 20 ft of 550 under the strap, so having a little extra storage space is nice. It's easy to load this thing and the cover up with so much stuff you might as well take a daypack, so police yourself. The strap itself does what it's advertised to do: it pads the shoulder strap. It does make a difference if you're out humping it all day and the additional webbing is handy for attaching gloves and stuff but again, police yourself. All in all, I'm very happy with it and would certainly recommend and would buy again.

  • 5
    Padded strap wrap

    Posted by Troy Manning on Mar 4th 2019

    What a way to make a great product better! My mother canteen carrier is one of my favorite pieces of kit, and now it's better. With just a little bit of padding I can tell this will really add to the comfort of this product. It goes with out saying that the quality is top notch on everything you buy from CLS. The only thing better than their quality is the customer service. Within two minutes of placing my order the owner called me to ask a question. He wanted to be sure he had my order right and we even had some time to chat. That's service!! I would safely say any product they make is top quality and worth every penny. I'm certainly not done buying yet.

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