Padded Strap Wrap


A quart of water weighs approximately 2 lbs... doesn't seem like much until you start adding all kinds of additional gear.  Max out the carrying capacity of your MCC, Scout or G-2 and you may want to add a Strap Wrap for a little extra comfort.  Our Padded Strap Wraps, or simply, "Strap Wraps" offer a healthy amount of padding to ease those sore spots!  More than just a pad for a shoulder strap, our Strap Wraps also create a long inner pocket for additional storage!

The Strap Wrap is designed to wrap around your existing shoulder strap.  Just place your shoulder strap inside the wrap with the pad side facing down and fold the velcro closures onto each other to secure.  This also creates an inner pocket where you can store small, last ditch items such as cordage, fire starting materials, water purification straws, etc... making this more than just a shoulder strap pad!  You could also use the Strap Wrap as a field expedient means to protect ropes or other type items from sharp or rough surfaces.

The Strap Wrap can be used with other shoulder straps up to 1.5" wide, but was designed to be used with our version shoulder straps which come with each "Mother" and Scout carriers.  Measuring 21" in length, The Strap Wrap fits perfectly between the two plastic webbing "reducers" and covers the larger 1.5" webbing of the shoulder strap from end to end to provide maximum padding and to ensure the pad doesn't constantly slide around. 



The Strap Wrap is hand-crafted in the U.S.A from 500 DN Cordura, 1/4" foam padding, MilSpec webbing and velcro.


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18 Reviews

William Burr Jan 12th 2021

Padded Strap Wrap

I have one of these on my MCC and enjoyed it so much, I bought a second one for my Scout Bottle Carrier. A while ago I asked my grandson to strap on my "Mother". As he lifted it to his shoulder, I said, "Light, isn't it?" He replied jokingly, " . . . all evidence to the contrary" I responded, "Yeah, water's heavy!" If you have your gear loaded down as I do, you'd be well-advised to at least consider the Padded Strap Wrap. On my Scout Bottle Carrier, I added about 10 feet of my favorite Vietnam era paracord in an S-roll. Hoo-rah!

Dave Toth Oct 14th 2020

Strap wrap

I started out buying my first one of these for my Mother canteen carrier -- another great product available at Centerline. And after having the strap wrap only a short time, I realized I needed two more for the Y Harness ALSO a great product by Centerline. Ironically, I think I want at least one more to place on a gun sling. As you can see, it's easy to underestimate a simple thing like a padded strap wrap. But after seeing the quality and versatility of this product, there are a large number of applications where these wraps are a great addition for all outdoor activities.

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