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More than "just" a shoulder strap, each Shoulder Strap includes a row of 1" webbing along the 1.5" so you can attach items, pouches or weave your cordage for extra storage/utility.  The ends of each shoulder strap can be connected (Male/Female buckles) so you can use your shoulder strap as a belt, a sling for a broken arm, or wrapped around a tree as a tie down for a ridgeline or to hang gear. 

Each Shoulder Strap also comes with a separate Male and Female "Split Bar" buckle.  Attach the "Split Bar" buckles to any other piece of gear with 1" webbing/loops, such as our G2 Gear Roll or "Big Boy" Folding Saw Pouch (BBFSP) and now they can be carried via your shoulder strap.  Combined with one of our Strap Kits, our Shoulder Straps can be attached to a bedroll, tarp, jacket, etc... to provide more light weight/minimalist over the shoulder carrying configurations.  Add a Strap Wrap for extra comfort and keep hiking!  Finally, we also include two specialty adapters that allow you to more easily connect pouches to the 1" Loop webbing!

These are the same Shoulder Straps that come standard with every "Mother" and "Scout" carrier.  The main strap is 1.5" that reduces down to 1" webbing where you make the longer/shorter adjustments.  We can mix and match various colors and sizes of webbing so don't hesitate to reach out with a specific request to make the shoulder strap to your design!  For example, if you order Ranger Green, the 1.5" webbing and the 1" adjustable webbing will be Ranger Green.  However, you can have the 1" Loop webbing (the webbing sewn in loops on the 1.5" webbing) in a different color or pattern of your choice.


Our Shoulder Straps are hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from MilSpec webbing and plastics.


* If you are 6'2" or taller, weigh 250 lbs or greater and/or are going to use the shoulder strap while wearing multiple layers of clothing, we also offer an "XL" size Shoulder Strap.  This option is available at check out, but feel free to contact me directly if you have questions.


*Please see the "Custom Options" tab for images of colors, patterns and webbing.


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9 Reviews

Denver Helton Feb 5th 2021

Shoulder strap

I've had the mcc for a few years and love it. The strap was just too short for my liking. I got in touch with Mark and he is awesome he was a pleasure to talk too and made me a strap just for my needs and I love it it goes with me everywhere now because its so comfortable to carry i have never had such great customer service i will definitely be buying more from this American business. Thank you

Scott R Engh Jun 12th 2020

Thinner than expecting, optimized super high quality

Not sure I needed XL length, especially in summer. Thinner width carrying strap than another essentials bag plus canteen carrier I have. Quality of Mark's is over the top. Dimensions are in description. Think the width of Centerline's is optimized. Liked the option of multi cam on webbing. Doesn't work as well as expected on some cheaper canteen carriers. Like to carry 2 or 3 canteens. No big deal. Plenty of uses, like G-roll!

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