Combined the "Y-Harness" with our SHERPA Belt for enhanced weight distribution when carrying numerous or heavier items on your waist line.  Although our harness is designed to be used with our SHERPA Belt, it can be used with an existing belt.  The "Y" portion of the harness consists of 1.5" webbing that reduces down to 1" webbing where you make the longer/shorter adjustments.  The Y-Harness can be worn with any 1.5" or 1.75" belt.  To connect with our SHERPA belt, I recommend running the webbing behind the belt then back up through one of the MOLLE loops and then snapping secure.  If you want you can simply run the belt through the loops created by setting the snaps, but running the webbing back up through the MOLLE and then setting the snaps is a great way of "locking" everything down once you've figured out the where and how of running your gear on the belt.


Add our Padded Strap Wraps to enhance “worn” storage capacity, provided additional anchor/tie down locations, or if you just want a little extra comfort for weight distribution…


Our Y-Harnesses are hand-crafted in the U.S.A. from 1" 17737 and 1.5" 55301 MilSpec webbing, ITW Nexus plastics and DOT snaps.


* The Y-Harness is already designed to be worn over multiple layers of clothing, but we also offer an "XL" size harness if you are 6'2" or taller, weigh 250 lbs or greater.  This option is available at check out, but feel free to contact me directly if you have questions.





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Lee D. Feb 24th 2019

Y-Harness, Why Not?

Definitely the way to go if your purchasing the Sherpa. It adds a lot of versatility to your options of carry and adds a lot of comfort, especially when added with the strap wraps. It allowed me to find the perfect positioning for my MCC and gear roll. Even if you get the Y-Harness for your own previously owned belt. It will work.... but why wouldnt you choose to pair it with what it's intended for. Walk into the bbn woods knowing you have all of your essentials plus some on you, buy the Y-Harness and Sherpa. You wont be disappointed and as long as you have the ability to think outside of the box, you will have a thousand ways to load up your gear without feeling like your carrying a ton. Get it.

Eddie Mayton Feb 19th 2019

Comfort and style

Let me just say that this Y harness is awesome! It makes the weight of gear just melt away. Quick and easy to throw on a belt. The webbing alone is comfortable add strap wraps and it’s like your shoulders have nothing on them. Plus they add to the versatility and carry-ability of the product! I will buy again. Need it in the awesome new orange and black. After all orange is the best color.

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