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Our Gear Strap Kits are designed for those individuals who want extra flexibility and options for managing their gear.


The "DIY" Gear Strap Kit is clearly for those folks who want to create their own length and style of straps so this kit gives you plenty of webbing and buckle options to build straps to the exact size and male or female connection that you want!  NO SEWING REQUIRED!  Use the Tri-Glides to secure the free ends of the webbing.  The "DIY" kit consists of:

-  Four continuous yards (144") of 1" Mil-Spec 17337 nylon webbing

-  Six male adjustable side release buckles and six female static side release buckles

-  12 Tri-Glides and four 24" pieces of 1/8" Shock Cord with a total of eight Cord Locks.  

* I recommend using a heat knife when cutting your own webbing.  In the absence of a heat knife, use a lighter or other heat source to "cauterize" the cut/frayed end of the webbing to help prevent future fraying.  Just like 550 Paracord, the ends will be hot and can stick to your skin.  So, use some combat patience and let it cool down or press it against a hard surface other than your skin...  I'm not responsible if you cannot figure this out, lol!



The "Enhanced" Gear Strap Kit was designed for the gear junkies who want lots of straps, tie downs and extra buckles so as to maximize the options and carrying configurations of their gear.  The "Enhanced" GSK consists of:

-  Four 28" long "Docking Straps" with adjustable side release buckles

-  Four 24" long pieces of 1/8" Shock Cord and eight Cord Locks

-  Three 7" long "Jump Straps" (male and a female end) for use as strap extenders

-  One 12" long "Carrying Handle" to use in lieu of the shoulder strap

-  One "Should Strap Connector" so you can connect both ends of a male/male shoulder strap together and, if needed, use as a belt or sling

-  Two male and two female "Split Bar" side release buckles

-  One male and one female adjustable side release buckle



*  See our video links near the bottom of this page for more info on our Strap Kits plus additional ideas on how you can use yours.


**  Please see the Home Page, the Shipping Tab, and the "Terms of Service" for info on lead times, shipping, etc...


***  Please see the "Custom Options" tab for additional images of colors, patterns and webbing.


****  All of our materials have been specifically chosen for longevity, durability and extreme quality. Additionally, I apply a rule of three: It must be either Mil-Spec, Made in the USA or Berry Compliant. As such, we use genuine Cordura Brand 500dn nylon; Velcro brand hook and loop; ITW Nexus plastics, DOT Fasteners and Mil-Spec webbing, binding tape and threads. All of these materials are designed to resist abrasion, wear and rot in order to provide a lifetime of service. Hand-Crafted, High-Quality, Heirloom gear as unique as your fingerprint. Period.

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  • 5

    Posted by Louis Cruz on Jul 4th 2021

    I'm so happy with my multicam black American made, gcc. The quality is superb and versatile on how to attach to other equipment or what to put into it. Customer service was excellent Mark 3thumbs up to you and family. Thanks, I'll spark you up soon. Peace out,

  • 5
    Mother Canteen Carrier, G2 Roll and basic strap kit

    Posted by LJL on Jun 29th 2021

    I purchased the MCC, G2 Roll and a basic strap kit. Excellent customer service. Mark contacted me when it was time to ship to discuss options. The quality of the items is definitely worth the price, and I like to support a small business such as this that offers high quality product. Very pleased with how much I can carry. Although I wouldn’t carry all the gear listed below, I wanted to see what would fit. Food I would carry in my 14cm zebra billy pot. MCC – Heavy cover titanium canteen and cup, Firebox nano titanium with box, bug spray, pen, nail clipper, lighter, 2 tube vaults from Countycomm, Brew Buddy Single Serve Coffee filter, collapsible silicone cup/bowl, 3” knife and sheath attached to back, Petzl headlamp, signal mirror, duct tape, compass. Coffee packets. G2 Roll - Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket 60x82, titanium tent stakes, write in rain pad, gloves, titanium spork, FAK, 2- 1 litre whirl pak bags with purification tabs, fishing kit in altoids type tin, fire kit in awesome tin from Mark, 60ft bank line, paracord, small emergency blanket, silky pocket saw, storm proof matches, ferro rod, pocket bellows. Basic strap kit – Used to secure G2 roll to MCC – very handy

  • 5
    Exactly what I needed

    Posted by Erin on Mar 24th 2021

    I ordered the advanced kit with my G2 roll. I wasn't sure how I wanted to integrate the roll into my gear set and this assortment was a great help. Also, the build quality of everything was top notch

  • 5
    Strap Kit - DIY - coyote

    Posted by Michael on Aug 5th 2019

    Outstanding quality. The kit adds a great deal of versatility for a variety of applications. Customer service is beyond excellent. Will definitely be buying more gear from Center Line.

  • 5
    Excellent Quality

    Posted by Jesse Marlar on May 5th 2019

    These straps are really excellent quality, I bought them for my bed roll system which consists of a Queen Size 100% Wool Blanket, and a Twin Size Wool Blanket, and some trash bags as a ground sheet. But I also use these straps for other things like attaching gear to my Y-Harness, or attaching my G-2 roll to my Mother Canteen Carrier. For the money, you might as well get these to add to your kit.

  • 5
    Custom work and strap kits

    Posted by Rob on Feb 22nd 2019

    Very impressed with the craftsmanship on my custom order that I had requested to be done, absolutely thrilled. Excellent service, thank you.

  • 5

    Posted by Eddie on Oct 17th 2018

    I’ve ordered both the premade and the DIY versions. The premade works great for the mother or other gear. The DIY is turning into a modular bedroll. Simple, well sewn and bullet proof can’t conplain!

  • 5
    Awesome straps, awesome service.

    Posted by Lee on Aug 14th 2018

    The straps are great, ordered them. Received a call from Mark, with him asking exactly what it was I was looking for. After a discussion he made them to order for what I needed and was looking for. Mark is a great guy and has awesome, hands on customer service, something that's very rare these days.

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