Medical Deployment Pouch for Black Scout Survival

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* Sold EXCLUSIVELY at Black Scout Survival *

We are very proud of the Medical Deployment Pouch that we helped design for our friends over at Black Scout Survival.  While the MDP is found/purchased exclusively at BSS, I wanted to share a link to his website and an overview of the product write up for your general knowledge.  Also, see the video below for more info.


Designed for the quickest access to the gear that will save your life. This pouch has the ability to be worn on MOLLE and also standard belt loop for carrying in different environments. The top flap is velcro unlike many zippered med pouches that could get snagged and deny access. The exterior of the pouch has a elastic tourniquet holder and will hold the most common TQ's (CAT, RAT, SOF-T). The other side features a medical shear holder with rubberized grip for gross motor skill like when wearing gloves. 


What sets this pouch apart from other med pouches is our Deployment Tab™ technology. Again this is designed for gross motor skill movement as you would find in a state of duress or stressed environment. The Deployment Tab™ when pulled deploys medical contents into your hand. The tab is bright red with large grab handle.  


  • MOLLE compatible
  • Belt Compatible
  • TQ Holder
  • Shear Holder
  • Rubberized Interior
  • Red Pull Tab
  • Velcro front Panel
  • 7"x5"x3"
  • 6 ounces (empty)

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