The "MMP" Carrier

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The "Modular Mobility Platform" or simply the MMP


The "MMP" is a great way to carry your gear, but in a much more organized manner.  Use the pouches that you already have (or get some of ours!) and organize your adventures.  That greater organization also translates to a more enjoyable (and possibly safer) outdoor experience as you can immediately access the exact piece of gear you want when you want it!.  The MMP comes in two sizes, the "Mini" and the "Mighty."  As you can imagine by the names, the Mini is slightly smaller, but still comes in at approximately 15"w x 11"h and has four rows and nine columns of MOLLE.  The "Mighty" comes in at roughly 17"w x 13"h and has five rows and 11 columns of MOLLE.  That equals to a whole heck of a lot of pouches you can attach to the outside of either version.  Both versions also have the same MOLLE rows and columns on the backside so you can attach smaller or thinner items there are well.  Finishing it all off, the MMP has an internal compartment that can be accessed from two sides where you can store smaller/thinner items like a foldable cutting board, your map sheets, a signal panel, etc... 


The MMP can be worn over the shoulder, over both shoulders, around your waist, mount it to the back of your car seat, around a tree at the campsite, attached to the side of your vehicle, etc...  I'll have more videos coming soon, but check out the ones below to see the possibilities for yourself!



*  See our video links near the bottom of this page for more info on the MMP plus additional ideas on how you can use yours.


**  Please see the Home Page, the Shipping Tab, and the "Terms of Service" for info on lead times, shipping, etc...


***  Please see the "Custom Options" tab for additional images of colors, patterns and webbing.


****  All of our materials have been specifically chosen for longevity, durability and extreme quality. Additionally, I apply a rule of three: It must be either Mil-Spec, Made in the USA or Berry Compliant. As such, we use genuine Cordura Brand 500dn nylon; Velcro brand hook and loop; ITW Nexus plastics, DOT Fasteners and Mil-Spec webbing, binding tape and threads. All of these materials are designed to resist abrasion, wear and rot in order to provide a lifetime of service. Hand-Crafted, High-Quality, Heirloom gear as unique as your fingerprint. Period.

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